Alastair McNamara

Composer for Film, TV and Games

Current Projects

The Other Fellow

The Other Fellow is a feature documentary about real men named James Bond, filmed between the releases of Skyfall and No Time To Die. From Gunnar 'James Bond' Schafer in Sweden to James Bond Jr in Indiana USA, The Other Fellow explores the blessings and curses of standing in the shadow of the longest running film franchise in the history of cinema.

The Fools Mate

“A couple’s relationship is at a cross roads - as Fred attempts to break up with Holly, she thinks he’s about to propose. But will an impromptu chess game finally force the truth to come out?”

In 2021 Fancy a Jam Pictures teamed up with writer / director Cian Llewellyn to produce The Fool’s Mate - a short comedy about love, heartbreak and chess. Shot on location in ‘the most eccentric pub in London’: The Nags Head.