Alastair McNamara

Composer for Film, TV and Games



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1980. A bright young photographer is pushed to the edge by his teacher’s seductive philosophies and unorthodox methods, all in the name of great Art. Because everyone knows trauma is the essence of all the greatest art...

"Whilst MUSE is a period piece, I was eager that the score to stay true to the ideas that drove the story, rather than letting 80s sounds define the music. George's blooming from student to artist is felt both thematically and in the use of instrumentation - solo violins grow gradually to a string quartet and eventually a full string orchestra."


Ringo is a bold, provocative, satirical musical short about the relationship between a racist, homophobic, right-wing father and his vegan, lesbian, left-wing daughter. Terry and George argue over Christmas lunch and this spirals out of control to tragic consequences.

"I am so grateful to have been able to write music and lyrics for this project and being involved from the conception of the story and writing the text through to the orchestration and the final mix."