Alastair McNamara

Composer for Film, TV and Games



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CoVRt Operation

CoVRt Operation is a comedy spy VR game. You play as Henchman 698 who very quickly becomes Henchman 697 when his partner in crime is killed on a mission to steal the M.A.C.G.U.F.F.I.N from the Oval Office. With the help of GG, a sardonic Scottish call centre worker at E.V.I.L Inc., you hide your compadre’s body parts and continue the devious mission alone.

"The music for this game unashamedly and gleefully satisfies every cliché of the genre, however, I was much more serious about approaching how seamlessly interactive the music system was in making the score unfold in a way which felt natural. Working in FMOD I treated every instrument with different conditions for interactivity, so as to create the sense that a band of real musicians was watching you play, each reacting accordingly."

Director: Guy Sargent

Producer: Michelle Brøndum

Writers: Guy Sargent & Tom Van Overloop

Composer: Alastair McNamara

Sound Designers: Antoni Rutczynski and Dominika Latusek

Lighting/VFX: Sam Pearson

Modelling: Charle Van der Merwe


In Skylark, the player finds themself on a space station with a critical power outage. The engine is powered by nuclear fission, and with the power off, there is little time left until the reactor blows. The player uses their tools to redistribute what little power remains in the ship's equipment to solve puzzles room by room until they can get to the engine room and fix the reactor before it blows.

"I was thrilled to collaborate with Oliver Wegmuller on the music for Skylark. We were eager to explore other avenues beyond the clichés of a dark sci-fi score, and found unconventional ways to create the same atmosphere like bowing steel string guitar instead of the conventional strings and using randomised processes to create unpredictable and unnerving rhythms. We also used a variety of techniques to re-sequence the music in FMOD in order to reward the player whenever they successfully solved puzzles. For example there was a mechanic where the player had to turn off the artificial gravity in order to solve a puzzle, and a 'weightlessness' synth stem was introduced to encourage the player to use this state to their advantage as well as enhancing the experience of floating."

Directors: Guy Sargent & Jonathan Palframan

Writer: Ben Mitchell

Sound Designers: Markus Andreas & Anteki Rutczynski

Composers: Alastair McNamara & Oliver Wegmuller 

Voice Actors: David Weyman & Kate Nieland

Special Thanks: Alan Thorn, Ted Chaplin & Nina Norman